About Us

Pharmaanimals is the company dedicated to your animal friends. On our website you will find everything you need for the care of your faithful companion and for the hygiene and cleanliness of your home.

Pharmaanimals is the international reference point for our four-paws friends, the Italian brand that makes both animals and owners happy by offering natural and eco-sustainable products that guarantee better animal welfare and a simple, ecological and quality.

A section of our website is dedicated to the news: here you can find advice for your pets and for you, who take care of them; a small handbook from the master, which can be of great help to you at all times. You will discover useful information on the right food for your dog or cat, tips for the health, safety and physical fitness of your pet and suggestions for the hygiene and care of the house where you live, together with your four paws friends.

Novelty: The Pharmaanimals world is always full of news! In this section you will find all the new products for the well-being of your four paws friend.

Pharmaanimals is a local business that has been able to push itself into an international context, but it is also a company that aims to establish a relationship of trust with the customer, in order to respect a common commitment: to guarantee the well-being of all pets, thanks to high quality products.

Pharmaanimals stands out for the extreme attention it pays to customer satisfaction and the choice of the proposals present in the offer, as well as for the many years of experience that qualifies all the staff, who will provide you with the information and advice you want or need.


Pharmaanimals was born in the professional cleaning sector as a company specialized in the production of detergents, both for the domestic and professional sectors, specifically designed and created ad hoc according to the various sectors of use and on the basis of specific requests from customers. The company then further specialized in the development of sanitizing solutions for both the home and for the care of pets.

Our first goal is to provide correct assistance in pet care and concrete help in solving problems affecting the world of pets. A qualified professional is always present in our staff, to provide customers with advice, information, assistance and adequate answers to the different needs and expectations.

Today, pets are as much a part of our lives as they are of our family. Here is the importance of always having the highest quality, qualified and ecological products at hand, suitable both for the health and well-being of the animals, and for cleaning the domestic environment in which they live and in which we also live.

Pharmaanimals reflects the commitment of each collaborator belonging to the group, in terms of social and environmental responsibility: we carry out concrete initiatives in favor of animals and communities, aimed at preserving our natural habitat and respecting a solid code of ethics.

For us at Pharmaanimals it is very important to have a positive impact on the societies in which we operate and, for this reason, we make numerous donations while also supporting voluntary activities. Our commitment has always been to guarantee a high and constant quality for all our products.

Our Philosophy

At Pharmaanimals we think of the domestic environment as an ideal man-animal "habitat". Our products and advice are simple, practical and effective and aim to make every home a clean and healthy place.

Our products are ecological, contain natural substances useful for cleaning and sanitizing homes inhabited by pets and do not cause any type of discomfort or allergies to either the animals or their owners.
All Pharmaanimals detergents are also suitable for environments where children and people who need special hygienic guarantees live, as they are made with highly performing antibacterial formulas.